First dCity technology!

in Hive Gaming2 years ago

Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I got a little bit of a boost when I noticed I got my first technology card in dCity!


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Tech Stacking

So one of the things I decided to do in the early stages of building my city in the game dCity, was to invest as much as I can into education. I saw the technology tree and knew that I needed to try to maximize it and gain the technologies it offers! There are some excellent benefits to a lot of the technologies so I made the swap early from income focused to education focused.


I was very surprised and pleased that my nominal investment in education, got 224 education right now, has finally paid off! Some get lucky and get it earlier but I enjoy playing the game and earning the stuff on my own that are like this. I was always eyeing the police one because it gives a good reduction in crime, one thing we all need as the cities grow. Got excited when I finally got it!

The next technology I wouldn't mind getting would be the farm one but hopefully I can gain it on my own over the next few weeks. If the price of SIM ever comes down, I can get my city income back up and continue buying cards!

I did get lucky recently and snagged my first Casino and Solar plant. Bought some cards from the game and got lucky with my roll of the dice and got these nice ones!

In the dCity bear market, what have you been doing to try and fight off the FUD in token price?

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