My New Toy Finally Arrived!

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Steam Deck.jpg

Oh boy... I have been waiting for this little package for quite some time. It was the reason that I held off switching my Steam home location to Australia for so long... The Steam Deck would be launching in Europe... but Australia's launch date was nowhere on the horizon... even as we speak, Australia doesn't even have pre-order proof of interest deposits!

The day that the Steam Deck was announced, I immediately aped in and put the little deposit down for a pre-order. I was sort of hoping that it would be shipped and sent before we left the Netherlands, but supply chain problems and all of that meant that it wasn't shipping before 2022.

Thankfully, the people that we sold our house to were really nice and we are all completely nerdy in our own way... and when I mentioned that I had a Steam Deck that I was still hoping to get my hands on, they were more than happy to bounce out the package if and when it arrived.

Sadly, by the time that we had left, the purchases weren't even being processed. Then, about a few weeks ago, I got the message from Steam (roughly 5 months after we left Netherlands), that the time was right for them to process the purchase, and for me to lay down the rest of the payment! I had a moment of hesitation... what if it got damaged in the transit and bounce out? What if there were limitations on the geolocation? What if it wasn't everything that I was hoping it would be?

... so many unknowns. But only fleeting... I was in love with the concept of a portable and relatively inexpensive (compared to the power that it packs) hand-held PC gaming device that had access to my ENTIRE Steam library of games! Plus... I had already lost access to my Switch to my daughters.

So, the package arrived at our old place in Netherlands, and the owners shipped it out to me immediately on the same day! I think they could sense that I was pretty excited about it!

... and since then, I have been nervously watching the tracking page... as it disappeared from Netherlands, and reappeared in the Australian system... and then did a failed delivery. So, the next moment that I had free, I quickly raced down to the post office and claimed my new treasure!

Steam Deck.jpg

Opening it up... well, there are crazy lots of suggestions about where to use the Steam Deck! I love the multi-language idea as well!

The instructions for the set up are stupidly simple, and there is actually really nothing to do but to charge, turn-on and login to your Steam account. I was sort of hoping for a Portal-style intro video... but alas, not this time! Missed opportunity if you ask me!

Steam Deck.jpg

What is really nice, the price of the Steam Deck is quite low for what you get... but they also ship with a premium moulded carry case as well. Thank goodness for that, as it would be difficult to find one here in Australia where it isn't supposed to exist yet!

Steam Deck.jpg

USB-C charging... this was one of the big selling points... no one likes a proprietary port... especially when I have a EU plug. That reminds me, I need (want) to get a high power USB delivery of those new types... the small ones, the actual type isn't in my head at the moment (Gallium?). This would be a great excuse to pack one of those chargers!

Meanwhile, I think that our house will still have a couple of EU power boards for the random things that might still need charging on proprietary chargers that are EU ended.

Steam Deck.jpg

Oh, the moment of truth... I hope it is intact and working!

Steam Deck.jpg

... bah, the zips are tied up! LOL, at least I know that no-one has been playing around with MY Deck!

Steam Deck.jpg

Wow... nice tight fit... and it is quite hard to describe how big this is in comparison to even the larger Switch. It is large, but then you have to remember that you have a proper PC in your hand, capable of playing REAL games!

However, when you actually pick it up... it is surprisingly light and well balanced! Some decent thought has gone into this. It has also those great tactile touchpads from the Steam Controller... this gives me some hope that I won't be completely terrible using this (I'm normally pretty bad with controllers, I'm a keyboard and mouse person!).

Steam Deck.jpg

More buttons... and a air intake for the fans. Apparently the fans do spin up a bit, but there is an iFixit fan mod to rectify that. That is another good thing about the Deck, it has a repairable design philosophy in mind, and it seems to be easy to repair and replace in comparison to most other electronics on the market. The idea that reparability and design can't work together is a load of crap.

On the bottom edge, there is space for a SD card... much needed if I'm going start piling on the games! Or I can get into the machine and replace the SSD itself. That reminds me... I'm ducking off to order a microSD card!

Steam Deck.jpg

Okay back again... so, he stat up welcome screen is a bit uninspiring... but it does give the screen and the speakers a bit of a first look in, and I'm pretty impressed. Screen looks good and bright, and the speakers are much better than I had expected!

... English for me!

Steam Deck.jpg

A quick SteamOS update... hopefully I won't run into any SD card issues... but that is for another time!

Steam Deck.jpg

... and here we are, with my entire Steam Library at my disposal! I'm still a bit disappointed that they didn't do a Portal-style intro video... but I'll just have to cope with having a nicely powered PC in my hands! Now, what should I load... there are lot of games that are Deck verified that should work seamlessly, and quite a few of those I really should be playing to get off the backlog. I'm sure that more and more games will receive the tick mark as more get tested by players and the company. In the meantime, I've loaded about 25 games just waiting for the downloads to complete!

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It looks great, I had no clue this thing existed. 😆

Hehe... it is pretty awesome!

I'm looking forward to your publication testing some game :D

I'm having fun testing some games on it... very impressed so far!

Man... the Steam Deck looks so sick, congrats for your purchase, I kinda want to buy one sometime, but I think I better go for a full pc, I'm still thinking on that haha, it would be cool if you do more SD-focused post on the future, enjoy it!

Thanks... I will definitely do more, I'm still putting it through its paces, but I am pretty damn impressed so far!

The versatility of the console is almost revolutionary, in a world of proprietary everything repairability and customizability are rare gems. I really hope it sets an standard, not only for that, but for the specs of the thing, it's a tiny monster.

Definitely a tiny monster! I've been very impressed... and also by the easy repairability. Loving it!

The anxiety one gets from online ordering of goods is on the high side. Especially if it is an item someone loves so much. I have been there and know how the anticipation is.

Am glad you finally received it

I love what am seeing

Cheers 🍻

Oh yeah... the nerves is real! Especially when you are ordering and shipping it out of the supported zones!

It is definitely everything that I thought it would be and more!

This looks super cool... the Steam Deck is also one of the things that made me super excited about, especially when I know that it can run almost every game you can imagine, not only the ones on Steam. You can even load custom operating systems on it and do whatever you want like a real computer, it's just super attractive especially for a nerd like me. But I didn't really give in to the temptation, because I know that I won't be making really good use of it, all my games either need a keyboard or it's better for me to just run them off a proper Android device. Still a very cool device nonetheless.

Wait, I can install Android on it if I try hard enough... guess someone on YouTube would have done it, probably I should go check out...

I have a feeling that you can probably load anything you want on it... after all, it is a PC running some form of Linux(?) (SteamOS). I'm pretty impressed... most of my games are also KB/M as well, but I was pretty impressed by the touchpad in the Steam Controller, and it is pretty decent here as well!

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