Are the batteries still working?

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I've never been a huge fan of consoles for gaming, being more happy with the PC as my gaming system of choice. Partly it has been that the depth and quality of games has been much better on PC than the gimped hardware of the consoles... and the that the console games tend to be more targeted towards a teenage, young male testosterone fueled fantasy which produces pretty lacklustre games in general (not all of them....), There is a greater diversity of gaming styles on the PC, and with the much better input system of keyboard and mouse, you can easily make grand strategy games or games that require some serious game-world modelling.

However, these days, the consoles have caught up significantly on the hardware front... however, the quality and type of game remains the same... hand-holding power trips for kids! Plus, the input system still sucks with controllers... haha, actually, I suck at using controllers... so there might be some sort of bias at work here!!!... but let's not kid ourselves, keyboard and mouse is WAAAAAYYYYYY superior!

Anyway, one area of gaming where I am fond of consoles is the mobile handheld consoles. Gaming on phones is pretty much reaching into the gutter... terrible terrible games in general, and games that are worth playing are not worth draining your phone battery because it is supposed to be a communications device! So, I've always had a little console to carry around with me... at the moment, I have a nice little Nintendo Switch... but in the past, I've packed either a Nintendo DS or a Sony PSP... both of which have had some pretty awesome releases for such little packages. Of course, this is for gaming on planes and trains, where you can't just always whip out a laptop to play some REAL GAMES!

Recently, I've been toying with the idea of getting the older consoles out to see if they would be a good fit for my girls. I would prefer that they are introduced to some quality games rather than the brain-deadening mush that most of the gambling Skinner boxes that grace the mobile app stores.

I should have been having them minimally charging instead of just dumping them into storage... Batteries don't tend to cope well with extended periods of depletion. So, there is a chance that the batteries of these two devices are well and truly borked. When I turned them to see if there was any juice at all... the DS still had charge! That was pretty weird, as it has been in storage for several years longer than the PSP which had nothing left.


Of course, after so many years of storage and two house moves during that time... I couldn't find chargers that would work with these two devices. The PSP has a USB charging point, but I wasn't sure if I had enabled that in the settings before. It has a barrel charger, but there are so many different sizes and polarities for those things and nothing that I had seemed to work. Meanwhile, the DS was more of a pain in the arse, with a propitiatory almost-USB size port for charging. I hate how companies used to do this... and thank you to the EU for mandating universal charging ports!

Hunting around online for a charging cable for the DS, I came across his all-in-one charging cable! From a USB connection, it splits into 5 different versions of the various handheld charging versions! I LOVE IT! Now, with this single cable, I can charge both consoles (and probably a whole heap of other devices from that era...) from a single USB wall wart!

It's going to be fun to introduce these little devices back to gaming life! I wonder what sort of games I have still lying around for them....

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