I have bought an RTX 3080 with my HIVE rewards

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Hello, gaming community. what a week that was last week. Pumping Hive made a huge opportunity for us to make some money. finally, the time had come for me to use some of those rewards that I made in a year. Dropping Graphic cards price and the Rise of the HIVE token give me the best opportunity to me for buying and upgrading my latest graphic card (Nvidia 1070TI)

So i have bought an RTX 3080 10GB palit gaming pro
Woow! what an amazing device is this! now I can beat all of the games in a fucking High frame rates! now my 165HZ gaming monitor can show me how powerful is this and games are more fun right now!

3080 .jpg

The design is great! you feel the Power through its fans and big size!
and it gives new look to my PC when connected.

in pc.jpg

now my PC config is like this:

CORE I7 9700K
RTX 3080 10GB

Thank you for reading my Blog, write your opinions down below for me. 😍❤️


That's nice! Congrats 🎈
and also your PC case is very clean! you can find lizards n mice inside mine

Thank you kambiz. what a joke 😅 play with them 😅

😆I like playing with them but my cats never allow me

I slept like a baby last night.
I woke every two hours and cried.

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Wooo congrats my friend!!! you make an incredible upgrade to your PC!! congrats again!!!

Thank you buddy, yeah that was nice move 😅

Yeah really nice!! Enjoy your new card!

Well done! Have fun with that new toy!

Thank you my friend 😍


I use the rtx 30 series as well and it's been a solid card for me for over a year. Enjoy!

thank you buddy, which one do you have?

Congratulations my friend! Tremendous graphics card and quite a change from a 1070ti to a 3080, now your PC is officially a mighty monster 😁.

Thank you, yeah what an upgrade, thanks to HIVE. now I need some NVME storage 😅

the dream of every gamer, congratulations on your update :3

Thank you, the Dream comes true 😊😁

so cool to see this!! Hive becoming life changer decisions

Yess, It helps a lot

I do want to live the dreams pool boy 😅

you will 😀