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RE: More Insights About Steam Deck: My 4-In-1 Special Post

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I argue fast loading times are more useful for handhelds than on a desktop, but you still don't need them.

You don’t need instant loading times on the go. Something has to be sacrificed for the format.

Handhelds are meant for fast paced play sessions, if you have to wait a minute or two between playing a level of the game and the next something is wrong. (Still, depends on the game, and for the most parts SD Cards are still fast enough.)

I completely agree with the second part, something has to be compromised.


I've played a ton of games on the Switch and none of them have loading timer over a minute. Not even Breath of the Wild or Skyrim. Even if the loading times might be slow at times the fact that you can just put it in sleep mode at any time and pick it back up days later at the exact same spot without having to start up the console, then start up the game, then load your save makes up for it. At least in my opinion.

I agree... Some PC gamers think 10 seconds loading time is 9 seconds too late.

You won't find that with Console gamers because the only generation that had SSDs is the PS5/Xbox-Series X generation. That's another reason why I think Steam Deck will succeed. It'll give Console gamers who want PC machine without the tinkering needed for a PC something great to play.