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After Steam Deck's release, handheld capable of running PC games have been on the rise recently. Anbernic was known for handhelds with ARM processors which support Anrdoid and Linux, but their recent machine runs an x86 processor: WIN600.

I have watched a bunch of reviews for the handheld. Decided to write what I learned from them. This device won't run AAA titles, but I don't think anyone expects it to.

There are cheaper alternatives that can run bigger games (including the Nintendo Switch,) but at this point, WIN600 is one of the few budget options that can run Windows games in a handheld form.

Anbernic's WIN600

This device comes in two variations. The main difference is the Processor and the Storage. Both boast 8GB or RAM and 6 inches 720p screen.

The version priced at at $300 uses AMD Athlon Silver 3020e processor and comes with 128GB of storage, while the version priced at $375 AMD comes with 256GB and the more powerful Athlon Silver 3050e.

It comes with Windows 10 Home. It also officially supports Steam OS. While both versions have comparatively weaker processors, they're good for the price and can run a lot of indie games and lower-end AAA titles at acceptable performance.

For full specs see the main site.

Disadvantages ...?

Unlike most devices of this type, WIN600 doesn't have an SD Card slot. That's more important for me than it looks because 128/256GB of storage can fill up quickly.

Some reviewers thought the placement of the Analogue Sticks isn't very comfortable, and the battery life isn't very high. 2 Hour on Average isn't ideal considering this device can't run big AAA titles.

A Laptop at this price will be much more powerful, and while WIN600 is one of the best products of its type available now, some competitors have announced better handhelds for cheaper prices that would release less than a year from now.

Other Devices?

AYN LOKI is an upcoming device that comes in different variations. The variation with the closest specs to WIN600 is cheaper. There's also AYN Odin an android gaming handheld with comparable specs and a great emulation machine.

If you want to look at higher ends, there's AYA NEO AIR with OLED screen. Prices start at $500. Finally, of course, the Steam Deck if it's available in your region.


The handheld field is still just evolving, and even though the Steam Deck release stepped on the gas, the idea is still very young. Should hold on for a couple of years for a good affordable console.

I think we'll have them by late 2023... They are already selling as cheap as Laptops with the same specs.

256GB really isn't a lot in todays gaming market anymore. I was really struggling with my 200GB SSD and had to constantly use my slow HDD until I recently got a 1TB SSD. I definitely don't like the sticks being that low and close to the edge. Feel like my thumbs would be screaming after a little while.

I totally agree... The main PC I use is actually 256GB PC, but I have Linux installed in it, not Windows, and I have SD Card installed with another 256 of storage. I also have an external HDD to put the games I don't currently play.

If I only had 256GB of storage without a way to increase it, the device would be a bad deal. But for the price, I think they're doing a good job..

The thing that breaks the deal for me as you said is the placement of the analog sticks, especially when you consider AYN Loki Zero will be better in almost everything (including the analog sticks) at a cheaper price.

Have a !PIZZA with !LUV !LOLZ !CTP for your comments.

Oh, this product is quite interesting, I didn't know it existed.

oh bastante interesante este producto no sabia que existía.

There are many handhelds these days, we live in a very interesting age!

256GB is very little, for example there are games that go over 60GB or 100GB so that can be filled quickly, but for $375 I think it can be put to other very useful uses such as crypto mining hahaha.

Well. it can't run those games that are 60-100GB big... It can only run AAA titles in the lower-end.

Considering its very weak processor and the lack of a dedicated GPU, this device would be really bad for Crypto Mining... But it's useful for other things including emulation, and portable computing. It can be used as a Tablet, (screen is a touch-screen,) and it runs Windows so there will be programs that don't have Android/iOS alternatives yet.


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