GPD Win Max 2: It's Finally Announced

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GPD is one of the most famous PC Handhelds on the market. The company released many versions over the years. Some of them are closer to Handheld consoles, while others are basically smaller Laptops.


GPD Win Max is a tiny gaming laptop first released in 2020. It covered a niche that was needed between handhelds and laptops and was more powerful than GPD Win 2 which was available at the time. After the release of GPD Win 3, a comparable revision of GPD WIN MAX was also released in 2021.

This week, GPD Win MAX 2 is announced! It'll be a more powerful piece of technology comparable to gaming laptops. GPD offered a lot of details on the specs as well as mock-up pictures. that are subject to change. The first version of GPD WIN MAX 2 will have an Intel processor

The Phawx made a detailed video of all those details including the changes over the previous Win Max, (click this to watch the video.) Here's the full spec list:

Spec List:

  • 2 SSD slots
  • 2 SD slots (1 Full SD and 1 MicroSD)
  • Camera
  • HDMI + 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Touchscreen with active pen support for 4096-level pressure sensitivity; (Compatible with surface pen.)
  • 2 Rear user-mappable buttons.
  • 2 USB-4 ports, one with eGPU support (Intel via TB4, AMD via USB4)
  • 3 USB 3.2 ports
  • 16/32 GB LPDDR5 Ram (Intel - 5200MT/s, AMD - 6400MT/s)
  • 10.1 inch native landscape narrow bezel display 1600p set at 1200p within windows
  • HALL Sensor Analog sticks, Analog Triggers and 6-axis gyroscope
  • Magnetic covers for game controllers
  • Fingerprint reader power button
  • 4 speakers (front and side firing)
  • 65wh battery

I'm mostly interested in the size difference. GPD Win Max 2 is noticeably bigger than the older Win Max, but the difference isn't huge. The screen is much bigger thanks to thinner bezels. Here's a photo comparison by The Phawx:

While some people see this as a competition for Steam Deck, I don't see it that way. It covers a unique niche that even other GPD products don't cover. It's closer to competing with the recent 2-in-1 Tablets than with handhelds, and I find value in GPD WIN MAX 2 covering this niche!


Never heard of this machine but it's a cool concept. Looks really uncomfortable to hold though if you're gonna be using those gamepad buttons.

I didn't own any, but from the videos of the older version of GPD WIN MAX, it's surprisingly comfortable to hold. (Look it up on Youtube.) It's also smaller than some Tablets, but I due to it's weight I don't recommend you hold it up for a long time.

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My opinion... I really do think this is an interesting concept. I think this gizmo would work well for someone who wants something to use casually for travel or couch surfing while watching netflix. Might be a good way to use the computer between commercial breaks or while waiting at a restaurant for your order. It is useful enough to make anyone's smartphone or tablet feel like a bulky paperweight in comparison.

It is never going to be competitive with the latest handheld gaming consoles. PC gamers won't replace their rigs for a toy PC that has no upgrade potential. Serious gamers will not want to grip this in their hands for hours, and designers will want a better keyboard and larger screen. Touch screen, touchpad, and pen is welcomed. Hooking up a mouse seems necessary for a desktop, yet this PC seems less likely to actually be used on anyone's desk, which might make creating space for a portable mouse and pad a challenge.

Any clunky wires for power? Battery?

You seem to understand which use-cases will fit a device like this, and what alternatives are there for each use case.

Any clunky wires for power? Battery?

Since it's not released yet we can only speculate, but it seems it won't need a lot of wires. It should have a good enough SSD installed, and it has two SD card slots so no need for an external HDD. It has bluetooth so if mouse is necessary, it can be connected wirelessly.

If it's like the older GPD Win Max, it should have a USB-C charger, and it should at least 3 hours of up-time, which isn't much for a gaming laptop but is for a handheld.

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