Let’s Help One of Our Fellow Hiveians: A Community Effort!

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The FreeCompliments Community has been increasing in activity recently, and people are creating new connections through the wonderful content being posted.

On a recent post, I saw that one of our members wished for a portrait of herself as drawn by another talented member of our community. Let’s make this wish come true.

How Can We Make This Wish Come True?

It would cost @artist-freepae approximately 50 Hive to procure the materials necessary to make this painting. I’ve set up this post with @teknon as a 100% beneficiary. I entrust that the rewards, which will go directly to her, will be sent to teknon as a form of payment.

All we have to do, as a community, is vote for this post. Nothing comes out of pockets except for our generosity, and this will result in a beautiful gift from one Hiveian to another.

I tend to receive a fair amount of automatic votes on my posts, which is why I offered to do this. This will bring us a good percentage of the way there. Help me get to the finish line!

Conclusion / The Power of Community

Let’s come together for this simple cause. If we can pull this one off, consider the greater causes that we can collectively help, simply through the power of votes.

HiveGhana has been a wonderful example of using the power of votes to create lasting effects on real-life communities.

Sometimes, however, making one person’s life just a little bit better is a wonderful start.

What do you think of these types of posts? Should we create posts whenever someone in the community expresses a need for some type of financial help, whether directly or indirectly?

I would love to hear any and all opinions about these topics from everyone who is currently a member of FreeCompliments, since you’re all inaugural members! Anyone else who finds this page is also very welcome to voice their opinion. We’re all about free speech, and everyone’s experience has value.

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(If you were tagged, it’s because you’re an inaugural member – please let me know if you don’t want to be tagged and I’ll stop, pronto!)

More posts with further ideas incoming soon!

Disclaimer: FreeCompliments is NOT a beneficiary for this post this time, but I will attempt to boost it via Ecency points as well, per my usual protocol.

Here’s a permanent invite link to the FreeCompliments Discord!


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Raising funds needs to be for a need.

Gifting someone is awesome. However helping people with something important is definitely needed.

One hivian needed a chair! So the community raised enough to get him a brand new comfy chair.

Another guy was needing help saving a dog from the war torn Frontline of Ukraine.

And so many more times we have directly helped others...

Good work.

Yes, those are the essentials for which we can help without question!

This one is certainly not as much of a need, but more so an act of generosity. It's definitely possible to take advantage of something like this.

In the future, maybe if we see someone express the need for or want of certain things, we can vote for what's most important/appropriate. That would keep things more fair!

Edit: also, don't forget the good PR from initiatives like this. 😉 I know I said this on a publicly visible blockchain, but nobody can deny it's true!

I'm short of words at the moment🥺. I'm really grateful for this kind gesture to get me a portrait. Never expected this at all. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kindness💜.

Gladly! I hope that, at the very least, we'll help you reach your goal sooner. 😊

Make sure that you make a post on the community when you get it! That would be very cool.

You bet I'd make a post. It'd be my greatest honor 😊

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Thanks so much! Voted on this so you get some back @bhattg. 😊

!giphy thank you so much

This is what Hive seperates from web2 we know each other we know who is who in a community and everything is transparent it's perfect way to help others in need. Hope my upvote and tips helps take care and keep safe my friend.


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I appreciate that, and yes, this is exactly exemplary of the power of what Web 3.0 can do! Let's make it happen and continue proving the power of what this technology is all about.

Support 100%

I love the way you think outside the box @freecompliments 👍

And also your ethos of spreading positivity rather than negativity 🙂


Thanks so much! Making a positive impact is, in my opinion, a productive use of time and resources. Hopefully this will help. 😁

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Please consider asking your friends to vote for prop #265 or consider unvoting the return vote.

For understandable reasons in the current crypto climate it is harder to get funded by the DHF, I accept this so I'm asking a wider audience for help again. I'll also add that I power up Hive every day and usually power up larger amounts on 1st of the Month. I'm on Hive for ideological reasons much more than for only economic benefit.

Additionally you can also help with a vote for Brianoflondon's Witness using KeyChain or HiveSigner

If you have used v4v.app I'd really like to hear your feedback, and if you haven't I'd be happy to hear why or whether there are other things you want it to do.

Already did lol. I wonder if the automated comments could be programmed to discontinue when a user already votes on the proposal and/or witness (although I can't complain about the votes 😜).

I've read the relevant post and a series of comments. I and my subaccount upvoted this post👍

I sometimes see posts on HIVE asking for donations themselves for various reasons such as disasters or life crises. And when I see those posts getting a lot of rewards, I feel the warmth of the HIVE community. It is wonderful to be able to support people even from far away countries by way of voting. I am in favor of this kind of initiative.

Though I feel that it may be a bit difficult to manage and administer😶😶

Yes, those are truly meaningful initiatives!

In this case, the poster wasn't asking for help, so this can simply be a gift from the Hive community to her. 😊

When there's an opportunity to truly help with a crisis, we can step up even more. This is the power of Web 3.0!

Excellent initiative, my support, and consideration 😄👏👏👏🎉
Excited and flattered that the community through its members, exercises a great gift of life as is solidarity, through participation and mutual growth, where as members we act as a block as a whole.
It is a wonderful example of good deeds, which allows us to strengthen the sensitivity and empathy of otherness, understanding that the other or others need our support and collaboration.
Soon, we will delve into this wonderful and magical gift of life.

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Yes, we together hold so much power to make changes to help people out! If you change one person's world... well, you've changed the world for them. 😊

Oh dear @teknon 🤸🤸🤸 I'm certain this portrait is going to look amazing as you're an epitome of beauty. I hope it would be posted on the community so we could all see:)

I think the idea of helping people who seek help would be a great initiative. This way, many lives would be touched. I just hope people do not misuse this opportunity if it eventually happens. The community would need volunteers to see it through.

Thanks perfect cous🥰. I still feel I'm dreaming though 😂. And you bet I'm definitely posting the portrait on here.

I'd be anticipating then😊✨🤸


Yes, the potential for abuse or misuse is exactly one of the concerns I had, and the reason that I asked for opinions.

In the future, maybe if we see someone express the need for or want of certain things, we can vote for what's most important/appropriate. That would keep things more fair!

I did post this one because @teknon was not directly asking for help, so it's just a gift from the Hive community. 😊

That's just amazing then. The community is doing great.

you are an amazing person, you are doing really great job. head of to you 🔥

!giphy amazing


Thanks so much, Bhatt! I truly appreciate your kind words. 😊

you are welcome, that is so nice of you keep doing great work feel free to tag me next time if you find something like that in the future I will try to help too. 😀

!giphy you are great


Appreciate this greatly! I will absolutely keep it in mind for the future.


Yay! 🤗
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Wow.. here's some act of generosity!
Never imagined that you will turn those comments into a post.
Things are really getting interesting here.

Anything can happen on Web 3.0! 😁

Sure stuff!
You actually gave me a shout-out on this post too, thanks for promoting.

This is beautiful.

100% Support

Thank you so much! Every bit helps. 😊

I've gotten the payout for this post which was meant to get a portrait of me but I wish the hive was set to be liquid. I'm powering down so I can get it anyways. Thank you so much. Will send what I've gotten to the guy who said he could help out with the portrait or maybe meet up with an artist who can do it while I watch and take pictures to share on here. I'm really grateful 💜

Well, that's as liquid an option as I could find, since the standard is 50/50 HBD/HP. I do hope it helps! Looking forward to seeing the outcome. 😊

I've asked around and everyone keeps saying 15 dollars plus they'd love to share it on their social media handles except for the guy on hive though who said he could be of help. I really don't have that amount at the point to add and get a portrait. Not that I need another help but I'm going through a lot at the moment and don't have the finance to add up to complete the money given but so far I've made hbd the dollar equivalent of what the post made so I was thinking of sending it back to the community account since I can't get anything done with 6dollars.

Well, I certainly do appreciate the honesty. Do what you feel is right with the earnings - after all, they're now yours!

If you're feeling generous enough to give back, here are a couple of people from our very own community who are trying to raise funds for medical reasons:

https://ecency.com/hive-110011/@susurrodmisterio/nwclpliz#@freecompliments/re-susurrodmisterio-202378t215445911z for @susurrodmisterio's father

https://ecency.com/hive-167922/@zakludick/fundraiser-final-wishes-or-chance for @zakludick's friend

Noted! Thanks a million 💜

Thank you for the exposure. !LUV

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Gladly! It's a wonderful cause. 😊

I don't think the idea of helping people with fund is bad,it's a great one

Thank you! 😊

The only realistic concern is for people who would abuse the offer, but we know for a fact that @teknon wasn't even asking for the help. That's why she earned it. 😁


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Since I'm not receiving anything from this post, I guess I can do this! :D



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