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RE: Do you have RGB in your PC? - I developed an Audio RGB effect

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I have some RGB in my new PC, I didn't go nuts.


I wanted to do RGB this build because it is likely the first and last time I would use RGB. To do the traditional O11D case with 9-12 RGB fans would be like 500 in RGB fans and I just didn't see the point.

I already had RGB RAM because it wasn't really much difference in price, so I went with a Phantex P400a case with 3 RGB fans and called it a day. My air cooler blocks half the RGB Ram, I really wanted to go an AIO but didn't want to risk leaks and the added noise.

I thought about clever uses for the RGB for things like Reddit notifications, Hive transfers, and so on, but I really don't look at the PC much as it is on the right side of me so it wouldn't serve much purpose.

Generally when building PCs, all I care about is performance.


I also had a feeling that this is the last time I use RGB. I have 2 RGB fans and some RGB LED strips inside the case. At first, I thought it would be cool and it was. I also have the same RAM sticks if I'm not wrong GSKILL TridentZ.

RGB in this case is I think a little bit too much for my eyes. Especially the fan at the back is too bright. I will move that probably to the top.


With this SignalRGB, it is much easier to make custom effects. Now I feel like there might be actually some useful RGB effects.

What you said about notifications is actually not a bad idea. A few lines of JS can make it happen.