Blinkit v3.5 | Hive notification streamer, with light and sound!

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With Blinkit you can blink your devices when Hive blockchain actions occur. Use it to get sound and light notifications of new posts, followers, votes and more!

The previous released version of Blinkit v3.4 was about the integration of a new device category: Keyboard Caps, Scroll and Num lock LED lights.

Latest release

This new release of Blinkit has the following new functions and changes:

Notification streamer

The new notification streamer shows the notifications for a account, and the upvote value, upvoters username, resteems, mentions, new comments, and when they occur Blinkit will blink the lights of the selected device.

This new functionality is implemented for all 3 supported device categories: USB Flash Drives, Keyboards and Smarthome devices.

The notification streamer shows the notifications as on, this means that not all blockchain interactions are shown, they are shown in the same way as on your accounts page, and it filters out based on a calculated score, low votes and low rep users wont be used to notify you.

(The previous integrated functions of Blinkit get the related data from a other API request and not from the notification bridge, and those functions will notify you no matter the score / reputation or vote value.)


It is not possible (yet) to save the JSON encoded data coming from the API as JSON encoded file, instead a bit more troublesome way was used to get to the same result, where the downloaded data is being stripped of the unwanted and not so pretty/readable characters, but this can result in some instances that the URL is being cut off in the notification.

Hive API requests used: bridge.account_notifications (link)

New scripts added:

HiveNotificationsUSB.bat (link)
HiveNotificationsKeyboard.bat (link)
HiveNotificationsTasmota.bat (link)

Latest commit for Blinkit on Github (link)

How to use Blinkit

To use Blinkit, download the compressed files from Github and extract the content and put the Blinkit folder somewhere and run Blinkit.hta to start the interface.

(Make sure the path to the Blinkit folder does not contain any spaces, because it will result in a error and the program will not function properly)

When Blinkit is started you can press the edit buttons to set the Hive username you want to get notification on, you can set your own or someone else's username. And here you can set the light blink length, Hive Node and USB drive letter, where your USB flash drive is located at and that you want to blink. (or select another device to use.)

After you have edited the settings you can press the purple Blinkit button located at the bottom of the mainscreen to test blink your device, and if it blinked you then can press the start button next to the function you want to start.

Supported devices

Flash Drives

All USB flash drives are supported and any brand, you probably have one laying around, alternatively a USB Flash card reader can be used, or even a external HDD, but best are USB sticks, for example the Lexar S45 series have a very bright led light, and even some of the most common and inexpensive promotional USB drives have a bright LED light as well.


Blinkit can blink the Caps, Scroll, and Num Lock LED lights of your Laptop or USB keyboard independent of its brand or model.

Smarthome Devices

All Smart home devices that can run Tasmota firmware. (Tasmota is a open source firmware for ESP8266 devices such as inexpensive wifi light bulbs and wifi power socket switches.) (as well as other devices that can be toggled by web requests)

Technical details

This version of Blinkit is made for Windows 10 and uses batch scripts to interact with the hardware devices. HTA (HTML application) is used for the interface, this approach makes sure that the application will work without the use of heavy SDK's or compiled code.

All the scripts to interact with the devices, as well as the interface can be easily edited with just a text editor. and uses just HTML and CSS for the interface.


Contributing is made easy because the coding and project approach is kept easy and straightforward, If you are interested in contributing to the Blinkit project, please find me in the Blinkit Discord server or leave a message under this post.

Please report bugs you may encounter so that they can be fixed.

Feedback is always very welcome, and helps to improve the Blinkit project, Thank you for your interest in the Blinkit project.

Blinkit on Github

Blinkit v3.5


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