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I was not planning to write any update about the development of the STEMsocial app before at least 15 days, but this post was in order so that I could clarify our request to the DHF and demonstrate that it is appropriate.

However, whilst I was planning to do so, it turned out that the timescale was also perfect for an intermediate development report, as I deployed two days ago a first version of our new post editor.

At the same time, I naturally got rid of the summernote editor that dated back from the very first version of the app (October 2018). We can hopefully now say goodbye to all incompatibilities with other front-ends (up to potential bugs that will/may appear in the future).

In addition, I fixed a few bugs, with the Markdown/HTML support (thanks @dexterdev for your help), the display of the rewards and I have deployed a new awesome banner in the footer (thanks @glass.wolf).

As an illustration, you can either check our GitHub repository and the commits made after Apr 21st, or have a look at the screenshot below.

A few words about the next development plans

Earlier today, I have locally started to clean the app from any mention of Steem and SteemSTEM, replaced steem-js with hive-js (see here) and moreover removed several packages and methods that are not used anymore. I will make use of the next few days to finish this cleaning task.

Moreover, on the editor side, I would like to add a toolbar allowing in particular for font manipulations (boldface, italic, etc.) and image upload. Moreover, I would like to have automatic link to any new article posted through the app in the user blog, as by default, new articles are posted in the STEMsocial community.

This will come, but in due time. The next report is expected in 15-20 days… And as shown in our 2020 roadmap, all developments scheduled for the April-July period will be achieved, much ahead of schedule!

About the proposal

In our proposal, we request 120 HBD / day during a year (as this is the timeframe expected to finalise the app). This means roughly 3000 HBD/month.

The funding is expected to be collected on a dedicated account, @stemsocial-dev, from which the developers will be paid for the work effectively done during any given week. The hourly salary is to be discussed, but we can imagine something like 15-20 HBD/hour and we will enforce that half that amount will be powered up. For now, there is only one developer working on the app (myself) but this will hopefully evolve. I for instance hope to officially get our designer (@glass.wolf) on board, as well as @mobbs (global design discussions).

In addition, our request includes some funding for 18 months of earlier work on the app, which will be spread over the entire funding period and has been evaluated at 250 HBD/month (the past is the past, let’s just make it nicer without doing the exact maths). Please note that this corresponds to more than a thousand of working hours. Moreover, this amount will be entirely powered up.

It is likely that we won’t use the requested 3000 HBD every month. After completion of our 2020 roadmap, we will either use the left-over for further developments (if needed), or return it to the DHF. The exact details will be discussed if relevant and in due time.

Furthermore, as we hope to become independent of the DHF at some point in 2021 (we will actively start working on this once an MVP of the app will be available), there is no current plan for renewing the funding request after the summer 2021.

Why should you trust us? Well, see for yourselve. The best way is to investigate what we have done during the last three years, then make your own judgement! Let’s just mention high-quality curation for more than 3 years and in various languages (currently English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese), a meetup inside the LHC at CERN and another one at Virgo Labs.

If you like what we do, please consider:


Thanks for your good work with stemsocial. Hopefully, the proposal will get the necessary backing as I've seen those that have not done half of what we have done for the chain getting huge backings.

There is a typo at the beginning of the post:

The second paragraph

However, whilst I was panning to do so,

I was planning to do so?

I meant, "to do it" (i.e. writing the clarifications about the funding). I thought this was proper English (at least my dictionary says so ;) ).

verb (used without object), panned, pan·ning.
to photograph or televise while rotating a camera on its vertical or horizontal axis in order to keep a moving person or object in view or allow the film to record a panorama:
to pan from one end of the playing field to the other during the opening of the football game.
(of a camera) to be moved or manipulated in such a manner:
The cameras panned occasionally during the scene.
verb (used with object), panned, pan·ning.
to move (a camera) in such a manner:
to pan the camera across the scene.
to photograph or televise (a scene, moving character, etc.) by panning the camera.
the act of panning a camera.
Also called panning shot. the filmed shot resulting from this. source

Ahahah! I got it... I didn't see the missing 'l'. I meant planning, not panning :D

Greetings @lemouth, thanks for socializing the details behind all this work.

The built-in footer was extraordinary, it enhances the visibility of #STEMsocial's platform.

I had already exercised my vote in favor of proposal #91.

Thanks for the nice comment, and continuous support and contributions to our community! ;)

Thank you for commenting on the news and progress estimated @lemout. I think the toolbar is needed to make the editor more user friendly. Good luck and succes at work

I agree with you! This will take a few days but I am overwhelmed at the moment. I really do my best!

Hopefully, we will get there in 10 days, which will still make us ahead of schedule ;)

I'm looking forward to trying the editor with your modifications!
I voted for proposal #91
Good luck getting all this work done :)

Thanks! I will take care of getting the work done, but for the rest, it is beyond me unfortunately (and the proposal status does not look very promising). :(

Now everything is easier :)

I hope so :)

Thank you for your work Sr Lemouth the application is fabulous and I feel more comfortable using it now

Thanks for the nice words. A nice comment is always appreciated ^^

:) you're welcome

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