I have opened the source code of my crypto donations tool

in HiveDevs2 years ago

The code is still ugly, but I have publish on a public repository on Github the crypto donations bot I have made.

Right off the bat, the Github repository is:

At the end of the post, where I beg for some donations (lol) you can see it in action.

Please, feel free to make suggestions, and please, do contribute to the code. I ran a marathon coding it as fast as I could, so I will (maybe) take a few days off to rest.

Yesterday I have posted about how I am setting up my own IPFS nodes, and had the idea to create a tool to generate donation campaigns on the spot, along with QR codes for donations.

You can see my post about my IPFS nodes here:

And about the donations tool here:

On both posts, and on the github page, there is a tutorial on how to use it yourself.

More functionalities will be added later, and I am already thinking about how to make it look better, and also perform better, because the campaign goal/percentage does not load sometimes because it is very very slow, as it has to check wallet by wallet, token by token.

Donate to help setup a new IPFS node:


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Build by @igormuba for the Hive blockchain
Github: https://github.com/igormuba/crypdonations