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RE: Rebooting (and clarifying) the STEMsocial proposal

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This is TOP NOTCH proposal. It’s the best one so far in all the relevant aspects. In the future I would like to see proposals using yours as an example.

I also can’t wait to publish my Master thesis (Utilization of Decentralized technology in scholarly communication) that I’ll be working on the next year on STEMsocial! I’m looking forward to receiving some feedback from you guys!:)


Thanks a lot for these very nice words! As said in the other post, there is not much more I can do here, and I hope this will convince more stakeholders (we are missing a big chunk of support to get there...). We will see...

Utilization of Decentralized technology in scholarly communication is exactly within the guidelines of STEMsocial, as this consists in a synonym of our main goal! Feel free to communicate about this and let us know! We are happy to discuss any idea on this matter!