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RE: Rebooting (and clarifying) the STEMsocial proposal

in HiveDevs5 months ago (edited)

Just voted for your proposal! Too sad its already out there for almost two months and the big guys dont vote for yours, while they pump lots and lots of HBD to those who came with crappy but expensive proposals :( Hope yours get through at one stage. Otherwise I would advise to launch your own blockchain :)


Oh, I have just noticed this reply today, Thanks a lot for the support. I really hope at some point extra large stakeholders will support us as I really think what we plan to do is good for Hive. Or at least, I hope to get some answers telling me why they won't support us. We will see... :)

I do hope as well you find traction with your proposal. Apparently the big stakeholders like to give lots of money to not so well formulated proposals. It seems they also like to fund proposals to fund some HIVE emoji; Apparently they think it'll drive the growth of HIVE; How sad really :(

Mmmh yeah.... That's how it is, what can I say :/

Yea :(