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RE: One more try - getting PEvO back to live?

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Hey there. I came across this post when searching for SciHub related content and what's going on with that open forum for science. I wanted to see if there was anyone here on Hive either talking about it, doing something about it or had a technology that might help solve it.


All we (I) have for now is an idea. If you know channels to bring it to the right people I'd be incredibly happy to pick up work on it again.

Have you thought about putting it on Hive’s DAO proposal system? Seems like this is an excellent opportunity.

Financing is not the issue. What's needed are people who know the publishing process, ideally from different fields, and can help to flesh out the algorithms for validity/reputation. If the idea is viable as is, maybe there are flaws and something more simple would be sufficient.

Unfortunately, all the scientists we managed to get in contact with over the years are more concerned about funding and credit points than changing the system from ground up. Which is understandable, but proved to be the biggest road block for the project.

Here's the whitepaper from 2016:

Thanks for making me aware of the current development, time to use the hashtag I guess

I liked it! Have you reached out to the STEM communities here on Hive? Maybe you'd find some more like minded scientists.

STEM Social

STEM Geeks

Of course. @lemouth has been very interested, as have been some of the authors of quoted papers from the whitepaper and a few people on conferences we attended to find contributors. But all scientists are busy sciencing.

I am personally also busy by surviving the pandemic and its associated management at the university level. In my case, my life has drastically changed on February-March 2020. I am still completely overwhelmed and am looking forward to the end of this academic year, in a month...