Podping throughput testing on Hive testnet: massive capacity.

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Working with another volunteer contributor on Podcasting 2.0, @alecksgates , I'm testing a Dockerized version of the Podping Hive-Writer program which actually takes URLs of RSS feeds that have updated and writes them to the chain.

The original, simple version of this python script has been running non stop for 4 weeks and is working but Alecks and I have moved it on quite a bit.

I currently have a Docker container which you can download from this branch of our Github repo running on my Raspberry Pi. This Pi also runs a Bitcoin node and a Lightning node!

I have my iMac connecting to it and sending every @podping from the main Hive network to the Raspberry Pi which then copies that ping onto the Testnet.

And right now I'm stress testing by having four processes on my iMac sending URLs as fast as they can which are all writing to Testnet. This is putting 9000+ URLs PER MINUTE - each one signaling an RSS feed that has changed!

These are insane throughputs, the current live version of Podping is putting out 3 or 4 URLs per minute, but I want to show that Hive (even the little testnet) has astonishing capacity. This really is something very new.


brianoflondon hive footer.png


That is amazing throughput for a tiny resource usage on Hive.

And even more astonishing is the ridiculously low power computer that can post all this through!

Hive is amazing.

I have no idea what you are talking about, but it sounds impressive!

Looks like a scene from the Terminator movie series. 😂
But seriously. There was a similar scene, maybe in the Terminator 3.


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