People with negative reputation or more number of downvotes should be restricted from doing "vote" and "comment" operations maybe even "transfers"

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I remember reading that reputation is something that is going to be removed from the chain and something else is going to replace it. I'm not sure if I read it right or not. Also, not sure if there is already some work happening. I just thought of giving this suggestion.



There are scammers and people with a negative reputation spamming comments on posts made by users. @gangstalking account is one such example. I understand that there are always some pissed-off individuals on the chain and it is hard to control everyone and even if one account is blocked there will always be 100 more accounts doing the same thing. As long as they have enough HP in their account, they will be able to spam the chain with comments and posts.

Right now ignoring is the only thing that people are doing.


Would it be a good idea to restrict people from broadcasting transactions if their account reputation goes below a certain value? I understand that during downvote wars too the reputation is affected but I don't think it goes below -15 unless the person is a pure scammer.

If the person is innocent and was downvoted by a group of people by mistake, the good folks of the community can maybe vote him back again and recover his reputation a bit.

If reputation is a system that is going to be removed or not an easy way to implement, maybe a number of downvotes or downvote weight in the last few days or months can be calculated and the restriction can be set in place. At least this will prevent the account from spamming the chain.

Let's check some data from the chain

I was curious to go and check how many comments @gangstaking account is doing every month. It appears that the account is operational/actively spamming only for the last 3 months and look at the data below. Every post or comment made on-chain and every edit made on a post is triggering this spam comment.

Total comments made by the account

MonthTotal Comments

Total Curation rewards by the account


Total Author rewards by the account


I'm able to see that the author rewards this account gets are also pretty good. We are just looking at only one account that is spamming the chain. Imagine all other accounts that are spamming comments on this chain. If we can come up with a solution to this, Hive can look a lot cleaner.

Note: I'm not even sure if my suggestion is a valid one and what the technical challenges would be but I just wanted to give it a try.


Would it be a good idea to restrict people from broadcasting transactions if their account reputation goes below a certain value?

Worst idea!
You can't and shouldn't prevent anyone from broadcasting transactions (except if they run out of RC)
Imagine you being downvoted to hell for any reason and find yourself with your funds locked because you can't transact.
Do you really believe the "good folks from the community" (aka curators, meaning they expect curation rewards) will coordinate and waste their precious votes just to unlock you?

The reputation system is flawed and needs to be fixed, replaced, or removed.
Till then, the simplest solution is the front-ends to provide a feature to filter out such low-rep spammy comments.

I agree with you, but the issue remains:

What about the spammers? This exact fake account has been spamming me with downvotes too, I don’t care as it has zero effects, but it is annoying, and someone is getting money from this network of bots.

What to do?…

I already proposed a simple solution. What's yours?

I have none. By instinct I would say fork, block and seize those accounts but I know it is not viable, it would be just an instinctive desire.

It is the nature of our freemium blockchain to allow such abuses.

A brainstormed solution I just thought superficially would be to allow to periodically cast votes to a profile.

Because for example, the user @anddumbcunts spams downvotes on every single thing I post and is probably part of the same botnet.

If we could downvote his profile and those profile downvotes would lower the level. Because this spammer specifically does not post, his level is still 25.

We are in total agreement here at DCP. Steamy and I were discussing this, and we came to the conclusion that the reputation system on Hive, regardless of the intent, works like a social credit system.


Very very nice comment, 100% agree with you!!

Thank you @burnoutawesome

Never restrict anyone from voting or commenting.

Just mute them and teach other users to mute them, eventually they will have no audience to reach, it seems to me a more feasible solution than censoring by hand, doing this is always dangerous for freedom of expression.

is this account a bot?

One thing is certain. You can count on its comment :)

Where did you get the rewards from? Looking at the wallet it doesn't look like much.

It's a double account apparently ->

For the diligence -

@tipu curate

I tried to find whoever is running this botnet but only found more bots.

One account spamming alone doesn’t make much. But the bastard probably has tons of these

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"Would it be a good idea to restrict people from broadcasting transactions if their account reputation goes below a certain value?"


I'd rather limit their post/reply activities to one for 24 hours without setting any limitations on transfers. This would limit their annoyance to the community but not lock their funds or stop them from using the platform.

Comment maybe (depends on the community), vote no, transfer absolutely not under any circumstance.


Those are the worst bots spammers I have faced. Someone is behind them all and is the most annoying person ever. Making money for bothering other….

Every single thing I post is downvoted by this imbecile. Someone runs this network of bots and is making money off of it.

I am all for freedom of speech and whatnot. But I would love to find whoever runs this botnet and block him from the blockchain….

Stop dreaming. You can't block anyone on the Hive blockchain!

That is why I said it would be an instinctive thought, not a rational one….

But also, yeah, we basically blocked the ninja mined funds from Steem… But I understand it is not something that will likely ever happen again.

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