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RE: Where on Wednesday forty four: Size matters

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Perfect timing, I just got 2 of the ".223 WYLDE" Ar15 uppers, going to finish out some builds that were sitting around collecting dust. (on the boxes at least LOL) The .223 Wylde has a shorter leade (or jump, for the peanut gallery) which leads to higher accuracy down range. But it is also deemed SAFE for shooting 5.56 NATO in the .223 based chamber. This is the major difference between 5.56 nd .223 as you well know, @galenKP

I have an old USMC friend (not implying I am a vet, but he is, and he's an old Marine) who bought a .223 Wylde upper, says it is the most accurate AR he's ever shot. Pretty much dead-on out to 5 or 6 hundred yards. But then again Marines train at 600...

Great Article, but THANKS, now I have another expensive tool to buy LMAO
Sonny Boy and I are prolly going to be loading this year, I got him a new rockchucker for Christmas or B-day, I forget because the 2 are close together. Oh, it was B-day cuz he got more support items on Christmas.


There's always another tool or item to buy when guns are concerned right? Lol.

I'm really looking forward to your posts in The Pew. We all have something unique to bring to the table and it's great to read stuff that others are doing. It's a great resource.