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RE: Long distance communication

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Think smoke and drum signals, carrier pigeon, books, letters, notes and messages, Semaphore signalling with flags or lights, Morse-code and telegraph, radio, wired, cell and satellite telephone and internet.

What i rich post😊, i still find it difficult to understand those Morse-code and totally agree with on radio communication. It can travel for a far distance.

I enjoyed reading this post, Damn, well constructed.


Morse code takes a bit of practice to get and some still never get it. I know it, a little but it wasn't my speciality. Best left to those with an aptitude for it I think.

Thanks for your comment and kind words, I appreciate it.

At least you have an idea about it😊, but for me, none😑. I'm going to learn it. A must😊

One never knows when having an alternative method of communications will come in helpful.