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RE: Gun Videos Worth Watching

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I had the idea to make a followup post to one I did a while ago about gun YouTube channels, and would have mentioned InRange and Paul Harrel (already mentioned Ian in the first post).

I've enjoyed the videos from Brownells lately. The Smyth Busters series has some good basic stuff in it with some short videos.

Mrgunsngear has been at it for a while and reviews a lot of stuff, all pretty well. He falters a bit with promoting shitty products and believing partisan bullshit but still worth a watch if he's reviewing something you're interested in.

Garand Thumb is a pretty entertaining guy. He's both goofy and serious and presents himself as a legit gunfighter, which I don't have any reason to doubt him. He shoots and trains an assload, usually not reviewing something until he's got thousands of rounds shot with it. Has a lot of experience with and does interesting reviews of tactical gear too.

On the topic of law and misinformation, Ian McCullum recently introduced a lawyer who goes by the handle Fudd Busters on YouTube. A gun advocate lawyer who tries to set the record straight about recent popular topics.