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RE: Long distance communication

Wow! Radio communication has made big strides over years if I look at your kit.
Switching antenna's is new to me, as we were used to a one size fits all.

I owned two tow trucks many years ago that were fitted with CB radios and one had to have a "handle" (Nickname) to operate it. So I would turn the thing on and say "Bishop" is in the house, what's up?" and then the traffic reports would come in.
It was a dog eat dog world as at times there were 5 trucks rushing to the same accident and it was first come first served.
Eventually it was a losing game and I sold the trucks.

But oh yeh, you have a great setup and it is so essential in the wild and yonder.


Yep, that XRS unit by GME is a great unit, and Australian made too. I can control it off the App on my phone, do the settings and all, not talk on it of course. It's served me well. I also have some hand-held units which get a lot of use. I take communications pretty seriously.

Tow truck operators have a hard life, no rest if they want the work. It used to be like you said here too, these days it's a bit more regulated, but is still a tough job and business to own.

Wow! In the days that I had the trucks, Apps were non existent, and mobile phones were still somone's dream. Amazing how things have changed.

Yes, it was a tough business and of course like everything else in life there were some bad characters that spoiled the broth, as they had direct access on their radios to the traffic accident reports. Totally illegal of course, but money talks.

So it became a waste of time to rush to accidents, as they were always on the spot long before us.
That's one of the reasons why I quit.