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RE: Long talk

I spent a lot of time on ranges in the 80's and 90's - far less frequently these days. I am a decent shot, I am no expert. The mention of the Coriolis force and Eötvös effect caught my attention, because as the Devil's Advocate for the flat earth I am discussing this topic of imaginary forces regularly. If any experiment has ever successfully validated the inclusion of these variables into equations, it was missed by thousands of people scouring the internet for evidence of just such a thing. Anonymous neighbor: "If you're on an airplane moving..." or "When you fire a cannonball towards...", then a refresher in elementary school math and science, and a reference to experiments from the 1800's or before. Scientific data collected daily: whether you fly NY to LA or LA to NY it will take the same amount of time. The cannonball experiment has been repeated many times and the results don't support an earth in motion. Specific to long range shots: you will never need to do the math for the earth's rotation, no matter what direction you are facing. Factoring anything your senses don't experience into your shot is a mistake.


Thanks for your comment.

Your opinions are very interesting, however I, and those around me, will continue to do it our way I think.

I never suggested you change your methods, which by now are masterful and instinctive, only offering you an alternative way of thinking about them. I offered no opinion - just a story and an observation.

There's always more than one way to skin a cat I guess. I appreciate your comment and perspective as with all others who take the time to read and respond, which is to say, not many. Thank you.