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RE: A short piece on zero, minutes and mils

Do you not use an anemometer or even a direction meter such as sailors would use and wait for the exact wind speed and direction you've calculated for before making the shot or is this a waste of time over distance as the wind in two places, 1km apart will not be exactly the same in any case?

The other thing about wind is that it brings in a slightly 'random' element that slightly reduces the level of skill involved. It must be fucking annoying beyond words to let off a round and then feel an unexpected gust ruffle your hair!

Having said all that, I'm still more impressed by William Tell. He had no gadgets ;-)


I call the wind without equipment, although learned to do it through using equipment. I feel it on my face, see it with my eyes in grass, trees, dust, sand, on water, clothing, flags etc. I even use the mirage to call speed and direction down range. It takes a lot of time to learn however it is achievable.

When at long range wind can be doing different things, one way at 300m, the other way at 700m and another way at 1200m so I roll through the parallax on the scop, read the signs and then average it out and bracket the target to ensure a hit. It's reasonably advanced stuff, but again over time is totally learnable. Different terrain makes the wind do different things so one needs to be vigilant.

With the random element...Yep, exactly! I've sent rounds at the exact moment the wind has died off and...Miss. This is why I tend to bracket the target to help mitigate that issue. Part of my process for actually taking the shot involves looking down range for signs of gusting wind, or drop offs, and also feeling it on my face as I prepare to squeeze the trigger. It all just takes a lot of practice and training. When something is going to die at the other end of that shot it pays to get it right. There's a lot more going on than just pointing and squeezing the trigger.

I'm not out to impress anyone generally, maybe a girl now and then . 😆

Seriously though I'm not into impressing anyone, but if I was I'd get a cross bow, find a few willing or unwilling volunteers, put an apple on their heads and fucken shoot them. (The apples hopefully). 😂

Thanks for your comment mate, I really appreciate it.

Thanks for filling that in for me!
I really appreciate posts like this mate and yes, I did read every last word.
Take care :-)

No worries, I actually appreciate that you read the post and asked some questions as it sort of validates the time it took to write. 😊