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RE: Where on Wednesday forty four: Size matters

I absolutely love the intimacy that you get with your rifle when reloading. Literally knowing the twenty thousandths preference on a rifle is something few people will ever experience. Your fine tuning is inspiring. Excellent post, and I have something else to add to my shopping list.


It's a good way of putting it actually; It is a really is a close relationship and to get the best out of it a shooter/reloader must know the rifle intimately. I like the load development process although it can be frustrating too. But when it comes together, when you're out sending projectiles down range, a long way down range and they ping that target...That's rewarding.

Did you end up seeing that response I left you about your question about how far I'd ranged m 6.5mmCM out to? A few days ago.

You must have a long shopping list. Lol.

I did see! Sorry, I have a tendency to drop online conversations kinda short lol

How far is your load supersonic? I understand that's an awesome aspect of the 6.5 CM round.

1200m give or take. Here's a part of a FFS table from StrelokPro...metres, elevation, windage.

Screenshot_20200516-111437_Strelok Pro.jpg

Yeah, I thought it was something like that. Like you said, laser beam. Easy to see why people love it. I might have to add a 6.5 bolt gun to the list too.

This is getting expensive. Perhaps I should make more blog posts lol (blogging provides a lot of my play money)

More blogs = more guns then! Yeah, it's a good thing...Keep your quality high and you'll get more and more as you go. Engage with people too, relationships is how you build you rewards.

65CM has to be in your arsenal mate...Seriously it's a great round. I get an average MV of 2841fps with a 142gr pill...Good numbers. Goes a long way, accurately and will impart a goodly amount of energy when it hits. 660ft-lbf at 1000m! Enough to not want to get one in the chest.