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So what is the scale on those images? How far is the cold bore shot from center in cm?


I never measure in centimetres, I always use MRAD as that's what my reticle is. Also, I made those images up for illustration purposes only and they are not actual shot-groupings.

MRAD (Millradian) or MOA (Minute of angle) are units used for angular measurement and centimetres are not used by shooters, or should not be.

So an adjustment value in a rifle sight (the ones I use) in MRAD is 1 cm at 100 meters which equals
10 mm/100 m = 1/10th MRAD. My scope adjustments for elevation and windage are 1/10th for each click. The table below is a field firing solution from my ballistic calculator. It shows MRAD adjustments and I've added the inches as well. It's pretty obvious why distance measurement is not used for scope adjustments.

Look at the elevation adjustment for 1000m...U335.3 inches. It wouldn't be possible to show that adjustment on a scope...8.5 MRAD though is.

Screenshot_20201223072304_Strelok Pro.jpg

Sorry, it can get a bit complicated. As far as shot groups go...At 100 metres, using my long range rifles I would expect to be putting the rounds so close to each other that they looked almost hole in hole...If they looked like a tight clover leaf I would be disappointed. Five shots should look almost like a single hole or there abouts so all in the space of about 0.5cm or so.

I have never measured POI of a cold bore shot in centimetres and am a bit reluctant to say a number as it would probably be wrong. A few centimetres comes to mind.

The reason I was interested is those few cm could mean a miss when culling roo's, if shooting with a cold bore.

Oh yeah, for sure. A centimetre at 100m is way more at 500m.

When culling my first shot is always cold bore because I'm not about to fire a round or two to warm up the bore in that environment - A sniper wou;dn't do that either...So, it's really important to know what that cold bore shot will do. So, you're exactly right.