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RE: Long distance communication

I started reading the post and it was great, we used to play skirmish with radios, also went out alot as kids we'd play hide and seek in cars with radios.

It was a really cool game and I remember it well. Instead of tagging someone you would drive around and when you'd locate them you'd call them on the radio.

Hide and seek takes a whole new meaning and level when your playing it in a car in an entire suburb with thousands of homes, parks, drive ways, venues. I'll game would go on for like 8hrs. Great weekend entertainment. Maybe I'll write a post about it tomorrow.

But your images! Beautiful mate. I'm jealous. Great country side.


I've never heard of hide and seek in cars.

I was going to post about it today but one of my posts did well with an upvote so I will tomorrow. I don't like posting too much when my upvotes are high. When they are low I don't bother as much as it doesn't have an impact on inflation and payouts.

It was fun, I was talking to my wife about it before "remember when"