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Great post as normal. Speaking of trajectory shifts and environmental factors, I'm very curious to see if and how much change there is for me at the new location. My previous altitude was definitely thinner air, and we could tell when cooking, etc. We were previously in Colorado at about 5,800-6,000 ft. elevation above sea level, now we are "down" in the hills of Vermont at only 660 ft altitude. There is a HUGE difference in humidity as well. I'll be very interested to see if my rifles are at the same zero, (I'm sure it's shifted a bit), and interested to see how much it changed. I haven't found a long distance range to shoot at yet here, only the 150 yards on the property. If I had to take a wild guess, I'd have to project that it's less than an inch difference at that distance, probably more like a quarter to half inch or less. But as many people have said before, "Let's experiment"!

I just ordered some target hangers today, they are fairly inexpensive portable models that come in a DYI kit and use some inexpensive electrical conduit for legs. I've heard some good things about this kit from others. I'll do a post on those once they arrive.


Thanks mate, I appreciate it. I try to represent well.

You use StrelockPro right? Throw in some environmental factors suiting your current locale and see what happens. I spend a lot of time messing with Density Altitude values in SP and it's always very interesting to see the changes in elevation requirements.

Those targets sound the way to go. What calibres would you be using?

Yes, love the Strelok Pro. I have used the altitude parameters in the past, but haven't really played with the others much at all yet.

Calibers? lol, well let's see:
.22 PCP pellet
.30 PCP pellet
.35 (9mm) PCP pellet

.22 LR rimfire pistol
.223 Pistol
.9mm Pistol
.45 Pistol
.44 magnum Pistol
.460 Rowland Pistol

.22 Short rimfire rifle
.22 LR rimfire rifle (High Velocity and sub-sonic)
.223 Rifle
.22-250 Rifle
7mm Magnum Rifle
.338 Lapua Magnum Rifle

I've trimmed down quite a bit having gifted many to my kids (and since having lost most in that horrible boating accident) but that'll do as a starter.... I've bolded those that I'll be playing with the most. I was finally able to gather all the components to reload the .22-250 (even though only enough for a couple hundred rounds) and really excited to see what that Sako rifle is capable of with custom ammo.

Hmm, I'm sure you'll have enough to go on with based on the list above. Lol.