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RE: A short piece on zero, minutes and mils

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Great writeup. I switched from MOA scopes to MRAD scopes a few years ago and would never go back. It took 3 times shooting and adjusting to get used to it, then I liked it so much I replaced nearly all my scopes. I'm still stuck in using yards for my distance estimates though, too many years experience there and guessing that will be harder to adjust my brain to meters.


Yeah I'm not surprised, it's such an easy system. On the yards thing...It's interesting as I use metres for distance but when I call wind I use mph not kph. Is that weird? It's how I learned, (mph) and whilst I know the conversion I never do it. I'll call it then input that to StrelokPro in mph and it does the calculation as usual. It's set with a mix of metric and imperial measurements. A bit weird, but it works.