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RE: Gratuitous hand-modelling and other technical stuff

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Ah, I'm so envious. I am just aching to work up some loads for the new Sako .22-250 and still not able to find powder or Large Rifle Primers over here. The imperfections in the metplat can certainly affect accuracy (I know you are aware, just for others).

I prefer the polymer tips mainly for that reason (plus they just look cool). While some of the earlier ones were known to have issues with slight melting in high power/velocity rounds, the newer polymers are more solid to avoid this. They keep their shape, and also keep the hollowpoint behind them more aerodynamic and from clogging.



I like the polymer ones too, for the same reasons, including the looks thing.

I can't believe you're still unable to get components Kris. It must be causing a lot of frustration and probably causeing some to scale back shooting operations. Not something many would feel happy about.