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RE: Where on Wednesday forty four: Size matters

Have You ever had a round malfunction or Mis-Fire?


Not really no, not rifle rounds. I've had a few light primer strikes but that was rifle related and the manufacturer sent out a new bolt shroud and it cleared up. It was a design thing.

I've had misfires with handgun rounds though. I just rack the gun again, eject it and keep rolling. It could happen for a number of reasons, mainly a dud primer though. It's rare.

My Old Bersa Thunder does not like the square nose .380 rounds. jams at about 10-20% rate. Round nose are pretty much flawless. I do not recall any mis-light fire primers. But then again, I have only shot hundreds of rounds thru it. Not THOUSANDS like You. Haahahahah. Not a bad thing, I am Jealous!

I feel like I haven't shot for a long time to be honest, although the range will be open soon I think. I was there building walls today, working on some new ranges...It's coming together really nicely and I'm looking to get back there to shoot. You need to get out and shoot a bit mate.

I have a bunch of need to's!

We are going in to our credit union, (bank), this Friday,(tomorrow)... or is it Friday there already? You are 14 hr ahead?

Submitting an application for a 1% Gov covid loan. I could never get credit interest rate that cheap, so we are gonna grab what we can, and they forgive the first 10k. Why would anyone pass that up?

2 year payback, so probably gonna grab 25k. Also anything We can prove we used for Mortgage interest, office expense, business costs due to covid, etc. May also be forgiven. So We are going to try it. Just always makes me wary when the word FEDERAL GOV is in the mix. They are such LIARS and CROOKS...!!!

You guys have run your business for a long time and I'm sure will make intelligent and relavent decisions around this potential loan. Yes, it seems too good to pass up and why not take advantage of what's on offer to get a little ahead? I think it's smart. We have credit unions here, they always seem a little better than the banks for some reason so maybe it's the way to go and you can make it all work well in your favour?

Not Friday yet, it's 9:30pm Thursday night. We are 13.5 hours ahead of Miami time. So it's 8am there now.