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The internet is full of information, but there is also entertainment disguised as information, and no shortage of misinformation. Guns are no exception, and as emotions run high and legislation looms, insanity on the internet escalates too. Where do you go for good information presented in an honest, calm manner? I have three channels to recommend.

Paul Harrell

Paul Harrell is a calm, knowledgeable presenter who likes to qualify his statements with admitting his own knowledge, experience, etc. may be incomplete. No hype, just the facts.

Forgotten Weapons

Ian McCollum is a firearms historian and marksman who visits museums and auction houses to discuss old guns and oddball designs. He discusses historical context, design development, and other esoteric topics related to each firearm. He covers proof marks, serial numbers, and usually some tips if counterfeits and alterations are common. Most videos include disassembly and discussion of the internal design merits. Sometimes he even takes these rifles to the range so he can shoot them and offer his personal impressions, too.

Ian also frequently partners with Kyle Kasarda of to produce videos that range from serious reviews to history to silly "what-if" videos and experiments with historical weapons in shooting competitions. Definitely worth a watch.

There is a time and place for hype and theatrics, but I appreciate the way these channels maintain a relatively low-key, factual manner. Who do you recommend? Comment below! Include links!


I had the idea to make a followup post to one I did a while ago about gun YouTube channels, and would have mentioned InRange and Paul Harrel (already mentioned Ian in the first post).

I've enjoyed the videos from Brownells lately. The Smyth Busters series has some good basic stuff in it with some short videos.

Mrgunsngear has been at it for a while and reviews a lot of stuff, all pretty well. He falters a bit with promoting shitty products and believing partisan bullshit but still worth a watch if he's reviewing something you're interested in.

Garand Thumb is a pretty entertaining guy. He's both goofy and serious and presents himself as a legit gunfighter, which I don't have any reason to doubt him. He shoots and trains an assload, usually not reviewing something until he's got thousands of rounds shot with it. Has a lot of experience with and does interesting reviews of tactical gear too.

On the topic of law and misinformation, Ian McCullum recently introduced a lawyer who goes by the handle Fudd Busters on YouTube. A gun advocate lawyer who tries to set the record straight about recent popular topics.

Hickok45 is my personal favourite, based on all the antiques (or, rather, mostly reproductions thereof) I've seen in action. There is a lot of useful information, including safety and target selection (for setting up a range). He and I also have the same favourite cartridge (.45-70).

Yeah, I like Hickok45 also. For a long time, the 45-70 was my favorite cartridge. At one time, I had an original Trapdoor Springfield carbine made in the early 1880s according to it's serial number. I also had one of the early modern Marlin 1895 lever actions with the microgroove rifling. I bought that one new in 1975, it was my deer rifle for many years...

I've watched a lot of videos from Forgotten Weapons...

I am scared about the sounds of the gun.

I always recommend hearing protection when shooting.