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Nice setup!

My dad loads all his own rounds for his Ruger 6.5 Creedmoor and has been getting them dialed in at 500 yds. His spreadsheet and data are pretty extensive for all the varying loads and projectiles. It is a serious endeavor to get the rounds matched to the rifle but once it is dialed in they can be nice and consistent.

He also has a Thompson Contender with a crazy barrel on it. 30-06 necked down to 7mm and he had to make his own brass for it. He has about 200 that are all indexed for the barrel and have a very precise load. One hell of a hand gun to fire and insanely accurate to well past 500yds, even for a 30+ year old gun.


Hey mate, sounds like your dad is right into it. The hobby does have a habit of taking over I guess. Lol. It's rewarding to go through the process, make the rounds and then fire them accurately. The process all comes together at the end and it's such a good feeling. I'm sure your dad would agree.

Do you shoot yourself and if so do you hand load. If you don't shoot why didn't you follow in your dad's footsteps?

I have my various arms but I have not gotten down to reloading. I have the setup but it is more to have in case ammo is not available. I do save all my brass though to make sure I have a good stock. My father is a super meticulous person and thrives on these sorts of things. My mentality is not the same. I enjoy shooting but have so many other interests it just hasn't taken precedence.

Now typing this though it reminds me I am going to take a few with me this weekend when I go climbing and run a few clips through each. Haven't had em out in a while so need to get them cycled a few times.

Get shooting mate! Life's too short not to. Lol.

Reloading is a good skill to have so knowing how to do it, before you need to, is a good plan. I keep loads of ammo on hand, but am always able to knock out a few more when needed. I also largely stay with popular calibres so I can easily get the bits I need.

Don't forget to post anything firearms-related into The Pew community. I curate in there every day, as do others.