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RE: Long talk

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It was nice to demonstrate that firearms are nothing to do with getting drunk on a case of beer and shooting watermelons in the back yard.

Booooo... Everything was going well in your story up until this point. Now you've lost me.

Speaking of being lost.. remind me to never get lost in the woods within 1600 meters (or more) of your general vicinity.


Lol...There might be a watermelon or two, but that's unconfirmed. Same with the beers.

Depending on the distance and target, I can imagine that you're not just "sittin here, drinkin beers" all day. It sounds like there's a lot of mental gymnastics throughout the process and I'd suspect a boatload of patience to make sure you're measuring everything up as expected. This is something I haven't thought about doing, but sounds like an interesting hobby to learn -- applying motor skills + math .. that's definitely within my list of interests!

Exactly, distance and target. Alot of the work happens well before the shot and there's tools to assist with the FFS (field firing solution) like range finders and ballistics solvers. I never use a wind meter though, I call it manually. A few clicks here and there and accurate rounds go down range. Clearly there's more than that, but I'm trying to say that a lot of the work, set-up, is behind the scenes, not in the field.

It's a great thing to know, for me anyway, and brings confidence. Motor skills and math...Yep, a really good way to put it. I wish I could take you for a shoot. I know you'd be hooked.

I am sure that I'd be hooked. With any luck, we will hang out one day and grab a beer - and maybe a shooting outing!

Sounds like fun...We'll need some watermelons.