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RE: Unintended Benefits

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Well, and this one, just because it is a Pew post afterall!

That is so cool! Right in your backyard. Nothing like having your own personal weather station. The first setup was practical and yes, funny as heck. I loved the rocks... But, the PVC looks, well. professional. Nice job and I'm changing your name accuweather.


It is very cool, and very practical when shooting those pellet rifles that I love to play with. They tend to drift a lot more than their powder burning counterparts.
Thanks for the comments, it will look even better once it gets some brown paint and maybe some fake shrub/vines/plants wrapped around to camo it up a bit more. lol on the nick, now when I say it is -23.276 degrees, and a 13.475 mph NE wind, I mean it!

Ha!!! Now, I'll have to believe you!