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A light source is a critical thing to have when living outdoors. I've settled on the Nitecore HC65 Rechargeable Headlamp as my primary illumination tool.


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I agree, once you go headlamp, you never go back, lol. I notice you tend to buy name brands. I buy all cheap crap, but they usually work awesome. Currently my favorite is a noname dual headlamp thats 2000 lumens with adjustable/telescoping beams. It uses 2 18650's, so lasts quite long.

Since I build my own battery packs for my ebike, I literally have 100's of 18650's, so everything I have uses them. Of course, that nitecore looks much more durable and waterproof than mine, but I buy redundancies for everything.

I have quite a few head and handheld lamps, but I've also bought head rigs that not only hold the barrel sportscams I have, but the handheld flashlights as well.

How many lumens is yours?