Shall Not Be Infringed

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Everyone everywhere has the right to maintain the ability to defend themselves with any type of weapon as long as they aren't engaging in or threatening harm against the innocent.


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So this natural law that you speak of... This is the universal Great Law of Peace.

It was given to the founding fathers of America because they did not have any language or words or thoughts to clarify freedom that it existed as such on the North American continent four 1000s of years.

Gun control is itself an infringement upon the Great Law of Peace.

Personally I think that the restrictions on firearms ownership and defensive use of them would enable common people to end this crime tsunami that we currently face especially here on the West Coast.

And now with current events also shifting around... When Putin threatens the rest of the world with nuclear war because of bad logistical supply planning as well as a completely demoralized combat cadre...

Putin has lost a third of his army and military capability. And yet now still these threats of nuclear war have been placed. So.let the sanctions be applied until full strategic Russian nuclear disarmament has been achieved at which time the rest of the world will also decommission strategic intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Personally I think government should not be allowed to possess more than a tactical nuclear device. The number I'm sure that diplomats can agree on what would be fair for responsible countries to possess.

However the threats of global nuclear war need to end.

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Good discussion, dear friend, @cahlen :-) Yes, I don't agree around any use of nuclear weaponry (if it even exists ;-)) - but am very interested in the whole discussion around how we defend ourselves to aggression over our freedoms.

We've been so conditioned to lay down to violations of our peace, privacy and liberty to express ourselves, and it will take a lot of deprogramming of a lot of folks, to get us beyond this state: it IS very obvious to folks like us who live a whole way more freely than the average 'person', but to many, they have to conceptualise a 'constitution' or a 'law'- to defer to an external 'authority' - to define and affirm their Natural Rights and their relationship to Natural Law.

I've had a lot of conversations in recent years, to alert folks to where they're giving away their power, and their right to e.g. body sovereignty and healing - and the level to which they will defend their actions, their choices, as 'it is obligatory' or 'it's too complicated' (to learn about natural healing, or to not give all their healing power-responsability to a doctor and chemotherapy, e.g.)... There is such a subtle art to planting seeds in mind-heart-spirit of another who is armoured, to support their journey to healing, self-protection and deep self-care, and truly (naturally) stable-free-safe life-work-love rhythms.... ANd we are learning that art in every moment, eh :-)

Amazing times where so many of us are waking up to what our real Nature is, and aligning with it, that others can be healed and awoken - blessings on our/ your work!

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