Satellite Phones

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Satellite Phones are a good solution for people wanting to stay connected in remote areas or during grid-down situations, but don't make the mistake of assuming your communications or location are private.

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And yeah you have a signal. You radiate intelligence. And of course it can be a surveillance device.

In the event we have a solar flare it will knock satellites offline first and then of course any unshielded and unprotected phones are immediately vulnerable.

There will be no expectation of privacy and expect all communications to be reported and recorded. You are absolutely and completely correct.

Your best bet is ham radio and having spare systems as well as extra parts stashed away and hidden either buried under at least 3 ft of packed Earth or bare minimum a Faraday cage.

If you are a part of the normal grid it's fine if you are on the run and trying to go to ground having one of these part of your gear definitely lessens your chance at escape and evasion.

Especially if you are being tracked. That's a huge difference in knowledge. Taking phone or electronic signature devices is bad.

Cellular and gps Connectivity! Yep completely a double edged sword. Thank you for the update. Really appreciate your knowledge and videos.