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RE: Long talk

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Why you downvote me


Because your post in my community didn't follow the community guidelines. Also, you're spam posting single images which I just noticed, so I gave you some more. Make some more effort and you'll get upvotes. It's a pretty simple concept.

Ok sorry for that if I post in wrong place I will improve my work plzi m new so don't downvote me

The rules on my community are displayed upon the front page along with a posting guide which I suggest you read. It is below.

Also, you should make peace with the fact you'll get downvotes as people in the community exercise their right to upvote or downvote as they see fit. It is a part of the community and you 'll need to get used to it I think. Most people will get downvoted at some stage.

What is your community name ?? I used dbuzz this one is your community??

This is my community, as is THE WEEKEND where you posted the post I downvoted. Dbuzz posts will never get upvotes from me. No matter what.