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RE: Where on Wednesday forty four: Size matters

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It's real rocket science, did not understand 80% of it lol


It can be a lot like that, and this is the easy stuff to be honest. It's very much like a science...Ballistics, chemistry, meteorology, mathematics etc. It all comes into play. I've done many posts and the hardest thing is putting it in a way people will understand. Thanks for trying though, and commenting. I really appreciate that more than anything else.

It does a little bit intimidating. But i am sure it'll get better with time. So keep posting.
I felt something like that the first time I've opened photoshop now i'm more or less comfortable with it.

Thank you for taking your time to put it down. I'll keep trying :)But my credit goes for your deep knowledge on the topic for sure.

I've been shooting for almost 30 years, I'll never be in a position to know everything, firearms are that sort of thing. I know a lot, quite clearly and am content to learn more as I go. I'm not really a novice though.