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Well, I just know arms from shooting in Call of Duty. But it is very interesting to see they are very similar in cold conditions to musical instruments. As cold tends to get instruments out of tune and you need to give them time to temper to the cold. This reminds me, if you ever go to a concert in a cold place and you see people who play wind instruments blowing into their instruments, it is because if they don't they won't make any sound when it is time to play.

Of course, this goes way from the point. I like the idea of keeping notes about performance in certain condition. Shooting a projectile at such a long range requires more precision of setting than actually firing the shot.


For a second then I thought you were going to say it's similar to call of duty. I am glad you did not.

The cold instrument thing is real though. I played the trumpet and bass guitar in a jazz band for a few years, many years ago, and cold affects the instrument as you say. Not so much the bass, but the trumpet for sure. My grandfather played the E-Flat bass in the town marching band for most of his life, in fact his brother was a renowned euphonium player here in Australia back in the day. (He cut records back in the 1920's which I have). Both would attest to your comment on the cold thing affecting their instruments.

I was nowhere near that good but could get a squeek out of my trumpet well enough not to get laughed at.

Temperature affects most things, shooting included.

Your last comment above...Seems like you have done some shooting; How long for and what?

I haven't shot anything in my life besides from Call of Duty. I just know some facts I have picked up from movies in which there are snipers. And also got some reading. Besides, I was good at physics and know how projectiles work (most of the time).

Well, more stuff to know about the G-Dog, also a brass player and jazz player. Man you've got some cool stuff to tell. Each time you tell me another story I feel like I'm 5 and I'm asking my grandfather about something from this town back when he was younger.

Movies huh? Well, seems like you've got it all covered.

I also read. So, that's also my source.

You might like this one:

Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting - Bryan Litz.

Can I find that for free in any place? Because I can't afford buying books. PDF is sort of my religion. 🤣

Hmm, I'm not sure if it's in PDF, I only ever buy hard copies...Here's the site:

And I enyy you for that. In a good way, hahaha. That's money well spent. That's the way I would like to spend my money. And I actually did for some time before inflation got bunkers!