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I love sniper in games I play but also like to play rush some time but I haven't shot a gun in real life though


I've never been much of a gamer so am not sure what it's all about. I played Ghost Recon on PC more than a few times though and so understand what's involved. It was not even remotely realistic when compared to the real thing, not even close. Maybe one day you'll get a chance to shoot in real life if you're inclined to do so. Thanks for you comment.

I'd say racing simulators are better at teaching racing skills than shooters are at teaching shooting. I'm no great marksman, but if you want to get good on a budget, consider a quality .22 and learn to make it sing at 100 yards. With proper fundamentals, the skills you learn will apply toward larger calibers and longer ranges.

And if you want to make it interesting, set up some cheap plastic soldiers at 100 yards. If you can reliably hit them with a .22, you're doing well.