Cybersecurity Insights - Criminalizing Ransomware Payments with Malcolm Harkins

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Ransomware is a growing scourge. Is it possible to eradicate this entire class of attacks? I think it is but in today’s Cybersecurity Insights interview I have a lively debate with Malcolm Harkins on criminalizing ransomware payments and different approaches to undermine Ransomware attacks!

I truly like vigorously debating cybersecurity issues with Malcolm. He brings great insights, passion, and experience to discussions with a willingness to aggressively debate in a constructive way.

We cover a lot of ground in our chat, including the potential merits of denying ransomware cybercriminals their prize by criminalizing payments, and explore other avenues to deter, protect, and prosecute ransomware attacks to mitigate risks.

Special thanks to this week’s guest, Malcolm Harkins, whom you can follow on LinkedIn:

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