How Risk Executives Are Managing New Firmware Threats

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Happy to share the video webinar of a powerhouse panel discussing the challenges and risks of firmware based cyberattacks. Moderated by Robert Rodriquez, founder of SINET, the panelists included David Hahn, Yuri Bulygin, Steve Orrin, Malcolm Harkins, and myself.

Over a dozen different firmware components exist in every PC and twice as much in servers. Firmware controls basic hardware functions in every network and IoT device. As attackers seek to exploit vulnerabilities in this core layer, cybersecurity risk professionals are pivoting to improve their knowledge and adapt their defensive mitigation tactics.

The panel discussed the:

  • Risks and challenges with firmware security and how it must be incorporated into the baseline cybersecurity models.
  • How and why attackers are taking advantage of firmware-based exploits
  • Availability of off-the-shelf boot-level attack kits
  • Concerns for UEFI-level tactics are being shared in dark web forums that can go unnoticed by traditional vulnerability, risk and end endpoint security programs.
  • Limitations of traditional security tools to detect firmware tampering, compromises, and malicious activities

SINET Webinars:

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