in Ham Radiolast year


Weather was finally tolerable enough to get out and put up his TRAM Browning 1487 VHF antenna. We only got it up about 15 feet or so for now. We plan to elevate it more eventually, along with a UHF antenna he has.

I will need to do some cable management and still need to make the cable run inside and improve the RF grounding, but all in all, it satisfied my buddy's desire just to transmit some radio waves with his new antenna.


The above is a shot of the antenna up in the air and currently attached to the wife's swing frame. Not sure she is going to appreciate that, so I might have to find a new location to place the antenna, but it will do for now.


The above shot is of my youngest with his radio on the small bench, while he looks up a call sign on his phone.

This is the same kid that is already studying to be a computer engineer and is trying to write his own anti-virus software right now. Comes to me and asks just the other day and says:

"Dad, will itsmrhino.com be ADA friendly? If not I might be able to help you with that."

Super proud of my boys.

Been a great freakin' day!


I love that you had quality geek time with your son. I love great freaking days!

Not sure she is going to appreciate that

LOL She's gonna come home and be like...uh Joe...wtf is on my swing? hahaha!!!!

And that thumbnail had me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Great job getting my attention with the thumbnail!

Much love to you all

She actually didn’t mind the swing it was the cables laying in the rose bushes that had her dander up a little but not much. She knows I’ll get them taken care of.