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RE: Testing the 30 meters long wire antenna on the 160 m (1.8 MHz) band (2022.10.10)

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Hi my friend, if you go little up vertically then you might get uncovered regions, in old times, I mean not that old my childhood times, we used to erect the TV antenna high above the building around 25 m up on a water tank, this way we watched different transmissions from around the region one of them was Myanmar. Watching TV from other countries was a hobby at that time.

Well, your sky seems to have a lot of air traffic in them. Have a great day and enjoy this lovely week.




For horizontal wire antennas, it is indeed good to have a good height. I will try to put it higher, depending on the available options.

Watching TV from other countries was a hobby at that time.

I heard about TV DXing. Many people are doing the same with the broadcast radio stations too. Sometimes me too. You can find the video recordings of receiving various broadcast radio stations from around the world on YouTube. We do the same on the radioamateur bands in two-way communications, so we both receive and transmit too. Good to call CQ (general call) on the radioamateur bands, and it is often a surprise who will answer it.

If your weather is not that windy then you may install a pole, I don't see a higher place in your images.

Yes, we had a lot of fun tuning to new channels in those days, now internet has solved so many problems, but it has also spoiled the fun of being curious about something new.

Thanks bro and have a lovely day.



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