LINGUA token. Empowering the linguistic ecosystem on Hive and beyond

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LINGUA token
dLingua, "philosophy" behind LinguaHills & TranslateMe collaboration/integration
LinguaHills is not just about Hive
New Tribe on Hive is coming
Linguistic initiatives
PS (or 1 BTC is coming)


In this post I’d like to share some updates and news about LinguaHills project.
LinguaHills Community (
(previously known as SteemLingua community (
You can find a draft Intro post here
(LinguaHills. Linguistic ecosystem on Hive)

Note that nothing mentioned in the post is implemented yet 100% (there’re just different “puzzle pieces” slowly coming together). But there’s already something to show you.

The idea of the project is to create a linguistic ecosystem leveraging the power of Hive community (and, possibly, communities from other ecosystems like XRP and Neo).
It is an idea to build an economy around linguistic potential/language skills of Hive community (and, possibly, other communities).
And to build it, we need a token.

LINGUA token

LINGUA seemed the most obvious name for the token of such an ecosystem/economy.
You can find it on Hive Engine
(there're no orders there yet)

I checked Hive Engine, Steem Engline, CoinMarketCap (and just searched on the Web for the name), and have not found any blockchain tokens with such a name yet. So we shouldn’t have any problems with other communities/projects, I guess.
Imagine if you could monetize your language skills (no need to be a translator).
Well, actually the idea is not new.
Just by posting on Hive, you are already monetizing your language skills to some extent.
What’s more, with TranslateMe Telegram you could have been earning TMN for 1 year just by leaving messages on Telegram and providing corrections for the machine-generated translations done by TranslateMe API. By the way, you still can earn with the help of TranslateMe Telegram.
You can find more details on this here

(TranslateMe (blockchain + translation). Part 3. Telegram Translator (+ video-review). + 1000 TMN + 1 BTC (coming soon) bonuses)

dLingua, "philosophy" behind LinguaHills and TranslateMe collaboration

I’m talking here about monetizing other materials most of us (if not all) could provide, namely: writing bilingual/trilingual posts, making audio-versions for them, teaching other people your native language etc.
dLingua is supposed to become an easy way/sort of a portal to navigate linguistic assets (as posts, as users of different nationalities) of Hive.
Please, note that the app is just a super-basic prototype done by me (an amateur web-dev). Currently we have Log-in/out & picking posts with special tags & voting features implemented. And I admit, it might be a good idea to even re-write the code from scratch. But anyway, it was done during StemGeeks Hackathon, and is just to illustrate the idea of how the “window” to linguistic world of Hive could look like.
You can find more info about dLingua here
(STEMGeek's Hackathon #1. dLingua. Making progress with linguistic ecosystem on Hive)

That portal will help you to find a partner you could practice your language skills with, a user who could make translations for your posts and audio-versions of those translation.
I’d like to stress the importance of audio-versions of our posts because:
a) we could listen to our favourite posts while doing some stuff at home (not on the go/road though, it’s too dangerous)

Globally the number of people of all ages visually impaired is estimated to be 285 million, of whom 39 million are blind.
(not a big fan of WHO, but let’s take their data on this)

There’re almost 40 million people blind in the world. This is the audience, I believe, every platform should take into account. By the way, I guess we need to promote Hive not only visually, but auditory as well.
If I’m not mistaken, the interfaces we have for Hive right now have not implemented Web-accessibility for all the categories (blind, deaf etc.). I can’t blame anyone. All the teams behind the interfaces done a great job already.
However, we could help to improve them.
Imagine if you could click the button under the post (or comment) you are interested in and
a) get the text translated into any language you want automatically (this is where TranslateMe API with its machine+people translation powered by Neo and incentivised with TMN comes into play) or by translators (and you could easily find them, again, with the help of dLingua portal);
b) get the audio-version of the post (and its translations into different languages) (done by people (Hive users), not annoying machines);
All this will serve as a great educational material for language learners at the same time.

I have a hope that TranslateMe machine-generated translations coupled with Hive translators community skills will help to solve to some extent a “lost science” problem. You can read about it in details here
StemGeeks contest: #2 TranslateMe (or Decentralization meets Translation industry). Part 2. The “missing puzzle piece” of scientific ecosystem. General overview

As for teaching other people your native language, just think about it, whoever you are, you know at least one language, right? It may be hard for you (let’s say you know Italian) to teach a person your native language, if the person knows just one language as well (let’s say, English). However, with TranslateMe machine-generated translations it might be possible. I’ll talk about it in one of the next posts.

LinguaHills is not just about Hive

It’s about making the aforementioned linguistic services available for users outside of Hive as well (that’s what should help to bring the value to the token).
Ideally, one of the services I hope we will get is something like (Free public domain audiobooks)
But in this case, users will be rewarded with LINGUA token for the work (making audio-versions of posts/books, whatever) done.

New Tribe on Hive is coming

I think you can guess what I’m talking about. Working on it. It’s going to be powered with LINGUA token.

Linguistic initiatives

In the near future you can expect a number of linguistic initiatives from LinguaHills,
where you will have a chance to be rewarded with LINGUA token.
I tested the token. It can already be sent to other users and traded on Hive Engine.
Most likely, we will start with asking people to make audio-versions for their posts.

PS (or 1 BTC is coming):

TranslateMe will hold a competition (making translation corrections and voting on the best ones (just like we vote for the posts on Hive)) among its community members with the prize pool of 1 BTC (not kidding, more info here
TranslateMe (blockchain + translation). Part 3. Telegram Translator (+ video-review). + 1000 TMN + 1 BTC (coming soon) bonuses
And for the competition to happen, they need 1000 members for each language. That’s where LinguaHills initiative will possibly help as well.

You can join LinguaHills Discord-server here:


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