Cute Little Caterpillar

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Small green caterpillar and black spots on the skin. Looks perfect!

Hi my friend wherever you are, how are you? :)

Incidentally today I took the time to hunt for small animals that I photographed using my own macro lens, and today because I am off work, I went to a reservoir near our village for a hobby, namely macro photography. And I photographed this little caterpillar on the edge of the reservoir among the grass and bushes.

I am happy to be on Platform Hive because I see good improvement on this platform. All looked serious, and all also focused on their respective content. I am a person who really likes macro photography. Initially I was on the Steemit platform to channel my hobby of macro photography, and over time, I felt I should move to Hive Platform which is more serious about taking newcomers into account. That's so amazing! And maybe I should just focus here.

Well, this time I will show you some macro photos about cute Little Caterpillars. When viewed, the size of this caterpillar seems to have a large body size, but that's not the case, my friend. The size of this small animal is very small, it is a baby caterpillar that is still in its string nest.



Look below buddy, they all look beautiful against a greenish background, and the caterpillars also look really cute. Hahaha... adorable!




I had no idea that using this 0.48mm macro lens would actually make a small object look big and charming. It all depends on the shooting technique. I'm still learning a lot about how to take great pictures using the macro lens I use on my phone. Wow, this is so amazing, my friends...



Oh yes, I took a photo of this caterpillar around 10:00 WIB, and at that time the sun did not tend to be bright and the weather was not too hot. I take advantage of a little help from the sun by being in the shade of the trees. So that the sunlight is not too bright on the object in taking pictures. This is serious guys, I'm taking advantage of the light.



Hello guys, this is all I can show you all. I hope you like my work. And of course, I wish you more success and happiness always with your family at home.

Let's relax on the Hive platform and always promote Hive in your country. Regards!

By @new-spirit


Photo locationLhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia
Camera usedXioumi Redmi 6A + Macrolens 0.48mm
ThemeCute little caterpillar

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Your photography is awesome! Nice shots.

Thank you so much @sreypov. Best regards.

Nice one! very clear shots..

Thank you so much @rubelynmacion. Best regards.

You're welcome. Looking forward for more beautiful pics.

Yes, I will try again. Hope you will like the next post. Regards!

I love your shots. Good job. 🤗

Thank you so much @mejs. Best regards.

Yay! 🤗
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