A cute butterfly on a beautiful yellow flower.

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Hi guys, today is a busy day. I had to take the time to post this one: Cute butterflies. And I photographed it on the sidelines of my busy life while working outside the office. I happened to pass by a rice field in a rural area, and I saw a butterfly flying over a beautiful yellow flower. Then I pause for a moment, and take advantage of this beautiful moment for all of you. I photographed this small butterfly using the Xioumi Redmi 6A android phone and also used an additional macro lens with a 0.48mm thickness lens.

These are cute butterflies for you to enjoy with a cup of coffee in front of you.







My friends, that's all I can offer you all, and I hope you like it. Happy greetings to all of you here, and don't forget to promote Hive in your country. Regards!

By @new-spirit


ThemeA cute butterfly on a beautiful yellow flower
Photo locationLhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia
Camera usedXioumi Redmi 6A + Macrolens 0.48mm

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