Robber Fly - Also Called Assassin Flies

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This is a type of insect called robber fly, or commonly known as fly killer, this fly is larger than the usual fly. This fly is hairy, you can see it in the picture the front of his face is filled with hair, he can also be called a fly that flies very fast. Some of them are even capable of catching big catches like grasshoppers, His strong legs allow him to do this and his legs also look prickly, also has three simple eyes called ocelli, The eye is between the two compound eyes that are clearly visible. This fly preys on by stabbing its prey using its strong and short trunk. After the stabbing process, he injects his saliva which contains neurotoxic enzymes. The substance very quickly paralyzes the victim, then after that he sucks the liquid from the animal it preys on. For more information on this robber fly you can see it here.

Okay buddy, here are some photos of Robber Fly that I took using a smartphone camera and the help of a macro lens (Q-Lens). Hope you like it. 🤗










CameraPoco X3 NFC
LensSony 25mm & Q-Lens 35mm
PhotographyRobber Fly
Binominal NamePromachus
LocationIndonesia - Aceh

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Cool bug photos :) ... and this bug looks also big :)

Thanks a lot ☺🤝

So scary one

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