BLUE FLY (Calliphora vomitoria)

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Good evening and greetings to all of us.

On this occasion, allow me to share the results of my yesterday's photo called Blue Flies.


I took this photo of a blue fly near my neighborhood, I took it because it looked interesting to me. In my area people call it the blue fly because the color is blue maybe yes.

We can find these blue flies in rice fields and in trash cans. And here's an explanation of the Wikipedia version of the blue fly:

Calliphora vomitoria, also known as the blue bottle fly, orange-bearded blue bottle fly, or bottle bee is a species of blow fly, the species belongs to the family Calliphoridae. Calliphora vomitoria is a species of the genus Calliphora. It is common on many continents including Europe, America, and Africa. They are quite large flies, almost twice the size of the house fly. They can be easily identified by their shiny blue body. The following is the scientific classification.

TypeC. vomitoria

The characteristics of this blue fly that we can see are:

  • the color is bright blue
  • body size is larger than ordinary flies
  • have eyes that tend to be bigger in the future
  • has six legs of which 3 are on the left and three on the right
  • and has 2 broad wings.

Here are some photos of this blue fly.






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Alright all friends. Thank you for visiting my post, hopefully useful and see you next time.

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